KHEPER is a device for Vintage scooter that improves the performance of your motor, bringing the spark of inovation to your classic scooter.


What makes KheperV3 unique:
Fuel mileage

Better fuel mileage by up to 10%


Improved accelaration and top speed (less stress for your motor)


45000 Volts spark for cleaner combustion

live adjustment

Bluetooth 4.0 while engine is ON (IOS and Android)


Get & Share your settings with the scooterist community


3 customizable ignition profiles (Web editor) and 11 presets (mechanical selector)


Live speedometer on your smartphone (IOS and Android)


Guide section

Learn how to use Kheper

Our values

We are not business men. We are passionate about vintage scooters.

Kheper was designed and made in France, the result of 3 years of hard work and many iterations. Unlike many scooter part manufacturers ready to sacrifice quality for profit, we carefully design our product with the best and most durable components coils, capacitors...) available today. We want to preserve the high quality standards of the good old days while adding on the technological innovations of today. Here is what remains to be done before kheper is available for purchase:

  • Firmware completion

    internal software of Kheper

  • Mobile software completion

    IOS, Android

  • Selection of the manufacturing partners

    Casing, assembly...

  • Distribution channel completion

    How we make it available to you

Designed and Made in France

100% Designed and Made in France


Our Team

Who brought Kheper to life
Firmware – Android

Special thanks to:

Stéphane -- for the many many tests and good ideas
Gaga -- for the Kheper editor version 1
Toto -- for the beautifull Kheper logo
Celine -- for the production of the Kheper v2
Garido -- for the Kheper 3 mass storage firmware
Lise -- for the vidéo and the idea of the bee costume
Albert -- for the nice Kheper sticker applied on each box
people of forum -- for their support

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What is in the box:
1 Kheper (fully tested on a real engine)
1 micro USB cable
1 small screw driver to change presets
1 welcome letter
1 anti dust usb cap

some text

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